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Enrolment for courses takes place twice a year, shortly before the beginning of the winter or summer semester. The exact dates of enrolment are each time announced on Every student receives from his or her faculty the details concerning the enrolment date and hour in Edukacja CL.
  1. Check on your Edukacja CL account, a few days before the all-university enrolment, if you have the right to enrol and what the date of your enrolment is. If your account is blocked, explain it immediately in your dean’s office.
  2. Determine your language proficiency level by taking a placement test, which can be found on the website of Foreign Languages Department (SJO).
  3. Choose a suitable course for yourself on and write it down on a piece of paper together with a group number, e.g. L00-10i.
  4. Read constantly the current information concerning the enrolment on the SJO and AKZ websites.
  5. Pay the fee calculated by the system for a retake course before the enrolment.
  6. Check the assigned time of enrolment (the date and hour) in Edukacja Cl.
  7. Before the assigned date, prepare the piece of paper with the chosen group and log in.
  8. You have 15 minutes to enrol.
  9. Do not enrol on a precautionary basis, which means in more than one course. Choose only the course in which you are supposed to take part.
  10. It is possible for students to annul their courses after all-university adjustments only in emergency situations within the first 10 days of the semester.
  11. You can enrol in maximum two courses during one semester (choosing from obligatory and optional courses).
  12. The enrolment for each course results in an obligation to complete it. In the case of failure to complete the course, it has to be paid for and retaken next semester.
  13. Never enrol in a course instead of another student to secure a place for him or her in the group.
  14. Never give your log-in details to another person. Only you are exclusively responsible for your Edukacja Cl account and the enrolment conducted on it.
  15. After you complete your enrolment, you should check your account on the same day to make sure that you can see your chosen courses on it.

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