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  • Before the enrolment begins, you are kindly requested to carefully acquaint yourself on the Department of Foreign Languages (SJO) website with the present system of education for each year of students and with the SJO offer on the AKZ. During all-university adjustments each student can enroll in and resign from courses on his or her own. You are kindly requested to make well- considered choices and not to enroll in several courses only because there are free places. A language, a level and dates should be taken into consideration.
  • Resignation from a foreign language course after the adjustment will only be possible because of a collision of the language course with other faculty courses, which might happen after the all-university adjustments. It is possible only within the first 10 days of the semester. The resignation from a course takes place in H4 building, room 105 during the office hours of the vice-director for education, on the basis of the filled in form taken from the SJO website.
  • Resignation because of a sick leave or a long-term disease confirmed by a doctor is possible before a grade is given by a teacher.
  • A new job or an incorrectly chosen language level cannot be the reason for resigning from a course after the adjustment.
  • Teachers do not annul language courses for students.

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