The 15th Scientific and Teaching Conference

Department of Foreign Languages at the Wrocław University of Technology


Wrocław, 24th - 25th September 2015



Conference participants from:

Hochschule Hannover

Taras Shevchenko National University of Luhansk, Ukraine

Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange, Ministry of Science and Higher Education

7 Universities of Technology

13 Universities

1 Military Academy

1 language company

Hueber Publishing House


We listened to 33 speeches during four plenary session and Tyree language sections.


Language was the most widely used word during the conference:


Language: foreign, native, general, mother, specialist, technical, academic, professional, friendly, useful, possible to acquire, tolerant, first, second, constructive, minority, regional, international, lingua franca, language of Asia, language of education, language of French charme, language of an engineer and humanist, language in science and technology



Language: policy, education, school, need, offer

Language: tandem, course, transfer

Language: action, teaching

Communication: intercultural, effective, with the use of the situational leadership model, specialist, in mobile and virtual work environment

Competences: language, intercultural, factual, communicative, key, mathematical, social, multicultural, transcultural

Education: multilingual, intercultural, integrative, integrated, lifelong, integrating content and language, engineering

Intercultural: communication, awareness, competence, education, training.


All the conference speeches were interesting and showed how much is happening in university language teaching, in the circle whose members spare no effort to follow leading European trends.


We increased our knowledge on

  • modern European language policy,
  • the role of language in searching for a better life in the contemporary reality,
  • content and language integrated learning,
  • teaching language for specific purposes,
  • mobility and internationalization of studies,
  • tolerance as an aspect of dialogue of cultures,
  • intercultural training in higher education,
  • integrative actions in teaching foreigners,
  • foreigners` intercultural knowledge and expectations,
  • globalization and intercultural communication,
  • teacher`s intercultural competence,
  • engineer`s and humanist`s languages,
  • teaching languages other than English,
  • Swiss language policy,
  • positive and negative aspects of language transfer.


Many speakers talked about language projects, under way and already completed:

  • language competence profiles in specialist communication,
  • intercultural teaching as part of the project Santander Universidades,
  • language tandems,
  • summer language schools,
  • projects – Uni-CLILIG, CoMoViWo,
  • courses for academic staff.


There were also presentations which offered practical advice to be used in language classrooms:

  • situational leadership model,
  • intercultural communicative competence in teaching English,
  • examples of tasks and materials for teaching specialist as well as scientific and technical languages,
  • blended learning courses.


We say THANK YOU to all participants.


Romualda Kuźmińska, the Program Committee                            Wrocław, 28.09.2015.

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