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Do you want to study at one of the best technical universities in Poland?
Here’s what you need to do!
The Department of Foreign Languages of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology offers intensive preparatory English language courses for candidates planning to study at our university. The English Preparatory Course will help you reach the required level B2, so that you will be able to study at WUST without any language problems!
The English Preparatory Course will give you opportunities to:
  • Learn English with one of the best qualified teachers of English.
  • Learn General English which will help you in your day-to day conversations
  • Learn Academic English which will help you get around the university and campus
  • Learn basic Polish to be able to communicate when English is not enough
  • Learn about academic life, polish culture, history and more
  • Learn math and physics from the best lecturers at the university
  • Take part in special events organized by our Department
  • Meet our academic student advisors


The complete one year course includes:

  • 600 hours of English divided into three subjects:
    a) Academic English, the skills taught in this course will help you to succeed in any university course. You will learn to express your ideas clearly in an academic format. (this course also prepares for Academic IELTS) – 4 lessons a week
    b) General English course will teach you how to switch between various communication spaces such as family, education, business, health service, and leisure – 4 lessons a week
    c) BULATS course  w business English and prepare to pass the final exam – 2 lessons a week
  • 120 hours of Polish – 4 lessons a week)
  • Mathematics in English – 90 hours
  • Physics in English – 60 hours
  • Final exam taken at the end of the course

(There is also possibility to enroll on a one semester course)

We also offer:

  • lessons about history of Poland
  • lessons about city of Wrocław
  • social events 
  • trips around the campus of one of the best technical universities in Poland
  • educational trips around Wrocław
  • a day trip to one of the most beautiful castles in Europe
  • student counseling

How to register? Follow these few simple steps:

  1. E-mail
  2. Take the online test
  3. Have a SKYPE entry interview.
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